Briggs Hall 101


UC Davis MCB represents at ASCB 2018, December 2018



Lab Happy Hour, November 2018



Abby’s adventures in Neuroscience, SfN November 2018



Lab Selfie! November 2018



Sea Urchin Meeting XXV, October 2018 (because nobody can get enough of Swope lobster?)



Abby earns a spot on the training grant and Bruce mentors her on how to open a bottle of champagne, May 2018.



Charlie David’s visit to UCSF, October 2017



Yash the award winning graduate! June 2017



Jack passes his QE, June 2017



Bryan passes his QE, May 2017



Yash and Nitika present their work at the 2017 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference



Jeff Farrell and Stefan Siebert: First Drop-seq run in the Juliano Lab, February 2017



Lab lunch with Dr. Prash Rangan, December 2016



Jack learns how to do transplants from Charlie David, October 2016



Juliano lab does its first hot experiment, July 2016



Stefan discussing cnidarians at the MBL Neural Systems and Behavior Course, July 2016



Celebrating fellowships with Bryan and Yash, June 2016



Lab lunch with Dr. Gary Wessel, June 2016



Jack and Bryan show off the Hydra at Marguerite Montgomery Elementary School, May 2016



Visiting Dr. Daniel Martínez and Joshua Tree National Park, March 2016



Dr. Stephen Doris drops by to give an amazing seminar, February 2016



Lab field trip to the Bodega Marine Laboratory, August 2015