Briggs Hall 101

Lab Alumuni

Former Juliano Lab Project Scientists and Post Docs


Dr. Stefan Siebert

Current Position: Senior Scientist, Lyell Immunopharma



Dr. Sergio E. Campos Rodriguez

Current Position: Investigator, Centro de Investigación sobre el Envejecimiento del Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados (Center for Aging Research), Mexico City



Former Juliano Lab Graduate Students


Dr. Jack Cazet

Current Position: Post-doctoral scholar, Nunnari Lab, Altos Labs



Dr. Bryan Teefy

Current Position: Post-doctoral Fellow, Benayoun Lab, University of Southern California


Dr. Abby Primack

Current Position:  Technical Support Scientist at 10X Genomics



Former Juliano Lab Research Technicians

Adrienne Cho


Yashodara Abeykoon

Current Position: UCSF Graduate Student, Biomedical Sciences (BMS) Program



Robert Monroy



Former Juliano Lab Visiting Scholars


Sahar Naziri

Current Position: University of Vienna




Former Juliano Lab Undergraduates


Nitika Mummidivarapu

Current Position: Associate, McKinsey & Co



Elizabeth Huezo

Current Position: Scientist I and Alveo Technologies



Kevin Ta



Ana Menchaca

Current Position: Graduate Student, Montana State University




Brandon Reyes-Chavez

Current Position: Graduate Student, Cornell University



Craig Ciampa

Current Position: UC Davis graduate